Tommy Tune – A Broadway Icon and Friend

tommy tune

A long time dear, dear friend, Tommy Tune, is celebrating his 70th birthday today. Happy Birthday Tommy!

George and I met Tommy 44 years ago in Houston, Texas. I hate to think how old that makes us. But Tommy is happy to say he is now 70 and he is still as energetic as he was in his 20’s not to mention he looks Fabulous. We are so proud to say he is our friend and with all the fame and notoriety he has received all these years, he is the same innocent, honest and loyal person we knew back in 1966.

Kindle2 Review

kindle2 review

I just received my Kindle 2 and I LOVE it! I ordered it after seeing how much my husband, George, was enjoying his. He was reading all the time and raved to others about the convenience and ease of using it. I posted his review of the Kindle and can be found on my blog, posted January 29th, 2009.

London Broil Recipes – Is Easy The Best?

easy london broil recipe

Company is coming for dinner and I plan to prepare a menu that I have served numerous times and it always gets rave reviews. In fact, last month my dearest friends or I should say my surrogate family, Christopher Lowell and his sister, Laura, came for a visit and I prepared several meals for them.

It was such a thrill for me to cook for Christopher who has visited several times. Usually, if we didn’t go out to eat, he would do the cooking while I was his assistant chef, which really meant I did the chopping and stirring while he did all the work. He is a master cook, so I am always honored to be his assistant.

Childhood Memories of Lent and Easter

easter eggs

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, which means it is 40 days until Easter Sunday. As an adult Catholic, I believe this is the most important holiday we celebrate. Without Christ sacrificing himself on the cross for our souls, we would not have a religion.

During Lent we fast, we abstain, we renew ourselves, we do penance and we pray.

The week preceding Easter is Holy Week, which consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday (the solemn day that Christ was crucified) and then Lent ends on midnight, Holy Saturday, the day of penance. On Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. This is a very joyous day for all Christians.

Italian Cannoli Recipe

making cannolisWhat is the definition of cannoli? It is a tube-shaped crispy pastry, open ended on each side, which is quickly fried, cooled and then filled with lightly sweetened ricotta cheese. A singe cannoli is called a cannolo, meaning “tube,” but many cannot eat just one of these amazing pastries; hence the term cannoli is heard more often. Cannoli was originally developed in Sicily, however, there are many variations of the original.

Growing up in an Italian family during the 40’s and 50’s I have some wonderful memories of our Sunday dinners.