Flip Video Camera Review

Recently, I was introduced to the Flip Video Camcorder by a friend who videoed me doing a cooking lesson. The Flip was impressive; particularly in its ease of operation and its convenient compact size. I was still a little skeptical about the ease to edit video.  After searching online for all the information about the Flip and reading the reviews, I decided to purchase the Flip Mino HD. I chose this model because it has a rechargeable lithium battery and 60 minutes recording time, which was perfect for recording my cooking videos. I’m limited to a maximum of 10 minutes for videos I upload to YouTube.com, so 60 minutes is more than enough.

Best Diet Plan – What Works For Me

With summer comes wearing less clothing such as, shorts, sleeveless dresses and yes, a bathing suit. I have been in this predicament more times than I would like to recall. Out come the diet books, out come the magazines that offer the quick fix to dieting and losing ten pounds in a week, and again a gym membership, that I hope to use this time.

Tortoni Frozen Italian Dessert Recipe

tortoni frozen italian dessert recipeWhen my family and I were living in Houston, Texas many years ago (approx. 28 years), I was asked by several friends to teach them how to cook many of the Italian dishes that I prepared for them. Being a teacher by profession, this was right up my alley to do things I truly enjoyed, teaching and cooking. Sharing my family recipes with others was quite a thrill and they enjoyed the lessons and the dishes.

Best Online ECards

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

Again I will be showing my age when I mention that I am from a generation of handwriting devotees who wrote and sent their own notes, letters, and thank you cards for every occasion. These notes and cards were written with a great deal of thought and sentiment and meant so much joy to those who received them. In fact, we were taught letter writing in school and how to compose and express our thanks, sentiment, and sympathy.