Sauerkraut – A Versatile Side Dish

sauerkraut side dishWould you believe that sauerkraut may be considered the next Chicken Soup for its health benefits? It is packed with vitamins and minerals and because of the phytochemicals that are created during fermentation, it can help boost the immune system. A healthy immune system helps us fight off the common cold, skin problems and even weight gain.

Boy, am I happy to hear that, as I love sauerkraut, even eating it right out of the can or jar!

Halloween Food Ideas – English Muffin Pizzas

easy halloween recipesHalloween is one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn’t enjoy “dressing-up”, receiving tons of candy, and getting the living daylights scared out of you? I’m happy to see the excitement and fun of Halloween has grown more and more popular each year.

A special treat I enjoyed making for kids and adults alike are English Muffin Pizzas. It is a quick, easy and healthy food that is sure to please trick or treaters before they go running out the door. I won’t post the recipe here, but have a look at my “Marinara Sauce Recipe” and “Homemade Pizza Recipe” for reference and also be sure to watch me prepare the pizzas in the video below.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Lessons

It gives me great pleasure to post a film review by my son John:

Films based on children’s books can be a tricky proposition. Often kids’ books don’t contain enough plot to sustain a feature-length film. What works well on the page can translate poorly to the big screen. All the digital effects in Hollywood cannot make up for a thin plot that may otherwise work in short, illustrated book-form. Did we really need a big-budget version of The Cat in the Hat? For a children’s film to stand on its own merits, there has to be a journey that the audience is willing to take.