Easy Turkey Gravy Recipe

easy-turkey-gravy-recipeWhen cooking a large meal, such as Thanksgiving dinner, I try to find as many shortcuts as possible. One that works well and is just as delicious as starting from scratch, is turkey gravy made with a packaged dry seasoning mix.

I use turkey gravy mix and add chicken broth, dry white wine or dry vermouth, and finish it off with butter to enhance the flavors and give the gravy a homemade touch. Quick and easy is the way to go!


Serves: 8

  • 2 packages gravy mix (Knorrs Turkey Gravy Mix)

Cranberry Gelatin Mold

cranberry-gelatin-moldWhat’s Thanksgiving dinner without a serving of cranberries? There are numerous ways to prepare cranberries, fresh, frozen or canned and I have prepared many a cranberry dish but my all time favorite is my Cranberry Gelatin Mold with a simple cream cheese topping.

In fact, my daughter Allison, who was not fond of cooking, did take this recipe with her when she was on her own and entertaining or needed to bring a dish to a dinner. This was one she would fix and received raves. It was a joy for me to see her prepare this recipe. It can be made days in advance and unmolded just before serving. Enjoy!

Memories of an Italian American Thanksgiving

italian style thanksgivingI will always have fond memories of celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents and our relatives. My Dad was born in Italy and came to America at the age of 13. He lived with relatives who also emigrated from Italy before the Great Depression.  My Mother was first generation American and she also had relatives from Italy. However, since Thanksgiving is strictly an American holiday, it was extremely important to my parents and relatives because they wanted to be everything AMERICAN. 

Italian Turkey Stuffing Recipe

italian-turkey-stuffing-recipeThanksgiving is right around the corner and do you find yourself going through magazines and television food shows searching for new and different recipes to make for Thanksgiving dinner? Each year I find myself doing just that but in the end I still find myself cooking our traditional favorites.

One recipe which my Mom made every year, and my sister followed the tradition, is her Italian sausage and bread stuffing. Mom always cooked from scratch and I knew my sister made this stuffing every Thanksgiving so when I asked her for the recipe she was happy to pass it on, but her first statement was “I can give you the ingredients and the procedure but the amounts I leave up to you”.

This Is It – Starring Michael Jackson

“This Is It” is an unforgettable documentary showing Michael Jackson in rehearsal for the show he was planning on taking on tour before his untimely death. Whether you are a fan of Michael’s or not, you will get to see the talent, genius, and dedication he had for his fans, his staff, and the talented young people who were chosen to appear with him on stage for a World tour of 50 shows entitled “This Is It”! Their devotion to him as well truly comes across in this film.