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cook'n recipe organizer softwareAs long as I can remember, I have been interested in cooking.  I started cooking at nine years of age and it all started with watching my Mother and Aunts who were excellent cooks. Our home, and theirs, always had something cooking on the stove or baking in the oven. The aromas of bread baking and tomato sauce simmering beat any room freshener you can buy today! I was also very fortunate to have Home Economics taught in my middle school. All the girls were required to take this course, while the boys took Woodshop. I’m glad I was learning to make fudge versus building a birdhouse!

To this day, I will always remember my cooking teacher, Ms. Miller. We had our classes in a brand new school, thus our cooking room was state of the art in the late 1940’s. Stainless steel was the big item in kitchen design in those days and I can still hear Ms. Miller saying, “Never, never, use scouring powder (abrasive cleaners) on stainless steel!” Her bark about scouring powder was worse than having detention!

Whenever I clean my stainless kitchen sink, I still hear her voice.

Believe me, I never, never use scouring powder. Anyway, she was a great teacher and taught me the fundamentals of cooking which included measuring, chopping, slicing, improvising a recipe and the proper care of one’s kitchen. My family taught me great dishes, from soup to desserts. I have never enjoyed an activity more than cooking. It’s basically a hobby, which gives me great satisfaction to prepare food for my family and friends, and like a stage actor, I relish the kudos!

As the years have gone by and I continued cooking, I also have collected numerous recipes and developed a large cookbook collection.  I love cookbooks and plan to write one myself one day. A few years ago, I found the Food Network on television and became a fan. I watch the shows all the time and found their web site a useful place for collecting more recipes plus searching for a recipe.

Needless to say, I have many loose recipes I have collected and find it hard to keep them stored and easy to access.

Then one day, I came across an ad on the Internet for Cook’n Recipe Organizer Software. It’s an easy way to organize, search and e-mail your favorite recipes and it has helped me to collate the recipes I have saved over the years.

The program is very user-friendly and, like a cookbook, it makes it quick and easy to find your recipes. I can even import recipes and photos from other web sites or other cooking software. The feature I love the best is writing my own recipes using the Cook’n Recipe Manager. I have posted some of these recipes right here on my Blog.

This cooking software is also helping me to save my collection of recipes for my own cookbook. It enables me to adjust my recipe serving sizes automatically, as well as give me a shopping list for items needed for the recipe along with the nutritional value of the recipe.

If you enjoy cooking as much as I do and love to have a well organized collection for your recipes at your fingertips on your computer, I recommend that you watch the Cook’n demo online, and see for yourself the capability of this software. I bet Ms. Miller would give Cook’n an A+!