Don’t Need to Bring a Casserole to Welcome the New Neighbor

We are all so busy in today’s society to be the old fashion welcome-wagon greeter when a new neighbor moves into the area.  I remember those days when women were stay at home Moms and they looked forward to meeting their neighbors and having chats in the morning over a hot cup of coffee.   Back then the neighbors would greet a new neighbor with a casserole dish or pie and welcome them to the community.

Those days are gone since we are all involved in outside the home activities.  Be it either jobs or volunteer work or constant carpooling children, we don’t have time to welcome a new neighbor.  I miss those days and the opportunity to meet a newcomer.

However, eight years ago a new neighbor moved next door.  She was new to the city and the area plus she was expecting her first child.  Not being accustomed to knocking on doors and introducing myself, I called her on the phone and welcomed her to the area and told her if she needed anything or needed to get a recommendation for help around the house, not to hesitate to call me and I would offer her suggestions on who was available and did a good job.

That one phone call led to several phone calls from her to me asking for recommendations and she eventually made a list of all the vendors, doctors, stores, restaurants that I collected over the years living in the neighborhood.  That started a wonderful friendship over many years and she developed what she calls “Mary’s List” (meaning me).  She has passed that list on to others and has thus made more friends by being helpful.

So, no need for the casserole dish, just a phone call with an offer of help will make someone feel at home!

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