A Long and Happy Marriage – What’s the Secret

secret to a long marriage

I have been married for 48 years to the same man who I love just as much today as I did when I first met him.  We met while in college and dated five years before our marriage.  So, basically we have known each other 53 years.  When younger people hear we are married for so long, the usual question is “what is the secret to staying married so long?”

The answer is simple:  Similarities!!

Not in personalities or in likes and dislikes but similarities in upbringing, environment, religion and education.  A couple may not have the same nationality or religion but their family heritage is similar in customs, rituals and beliefs.  This gives the couple the ability to understand each other’s personality traits when they are able to compare their beliefs and behavior to their upbringing.

Even something as simple as a comfort food recipe can bring a couple to compare their childhood memories of a dish Mom made and see the similarities.  It’s easier for a husband to understand eating Bacala on Christmas Eve when his Mother is also Italian.

5 Responses to “A Long and Happy Marriage – What’s the Secret”

  1. marilyn cordial mincer says:

    We thought the secret was lots of wine…just kidding! What a beautiful story and such an inspiration for us all. Continued wedded bliss to you both! xoxo

  2. george says:

    As a participant in this journey I would say it is my perserverence that keeps this going.

  3. Mary says:


    Needless to say, I agree, but it’s my perserverence not yours. Now, don’t you see how much we are alike?

  4. Stacy Kitay Lanzola says:

    You both look so wonderful!! I really miss you both. How is my little boy. I am sure you are spoiling him more every day!! Enjoy the nice weather.
    Best Wishes Always,

  5. Anonymous says:

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