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Nintendo Wii – A Senior’s Perspective

Even though I won’t admit to my age, since we all know age is irrelevant, right? I will, however, say I am a senior citizen who is always eager to embrace the latest in technology and my introduction to the Nintendo Wii was very impressive. I found it fun and even beneficial for all ages.

I received the Nintendo Wii for my birthday and within a few minutes for setting up the equipment; I was bowling, golfing, playing baseball, tennis and also boxing. My husband, George, quickly became interested and before long we were competing in all the activities that came with my first Wii game; Wii Sports. In no time at all, I was addicted and George is right behind.

20 Minute Strength Training – Now I’m More Than Half the Man I Used to Be

20 min strength training

Did you know that after a man reaches the age of 35, he loses 1% of his muscle mass every year for the rest of his life? I don’t like to talk about my age, but that means I have lost almost 40% of muscle (you do the calculation) and in a few years I’d be less than half the man I used to be.

That is, until I met Kevin and Karen Dubree, two young and charming entrepreneurs from Chicago who are co-owners of HIT Fitness in Naples, Florida . They practice a revolutionary new training technique called slow-motion high intensity training. Their clients range from 10-85 years of age.

Seniors and New Technology

seniors and technology

It’s difficult for us seniors to keep up with the new technology out there for communicating with others.  But once we get the hang of it we go at with full force.

Take for example, The Computer.

Most seniors are skeptical of purchasing a computer and getting started.  Usually a son or daughter encourages their parent to get a computer so they can communicate by email to their grandchildren who always want to hear from Grandma and Grandpa.  So good ol’ Grannie and Poppy take adult education courses to learn the ways to use a computer.