Freddie’s Favorite Things

maltese dog toy

To all those pet lovers out there, are you being taught by your pet what their favorite food, toys, activities are that will make them happy?  Freddie, our adorable 3 year old Maltese, has taught us what he will eat and what toy and activity makes him happy.

Freddie is a finicky eater and I went nuts trying to figure out what Freddie would eat.

Before Freddie, I had two adorable pugs, Winston and Willie. They loved to eat, in fact, eating was their favorite pastime! Therefore, I thought I could feed Freddie the same way. I always started with dog food, but I would add a little cooked chicken, or slices of roast beef, or even a small moist meatball made especially for Freddie.

He enjoyed these additions, but only to have an upset stomach later in the day.

Out came “The Essential Maltese” book and I learned that small toy breeds have very tiny stomachs and need small portions of good quality dog food. Forget the people food, a big no-no. I found a brand that he loves and it is Innova dry dog food, an excellent natural food for dogs. It is made from ingredients from all five food groups. Contains no cornmeal and is made up of 25% protein and 14% fat.

To add more nutrients, I sprinkle Archetype, a freeze-dried product which contains meat, organs, bones, plant nutrients and micronutrients: 45% protein and 33% fat. It can be served dry or rehydrated with a little water. It’s also excellent to serve a little bit as a treat. Thank you, Freddie, for teaching me what is best for your little tummy. He loves this combination. His coat looks better and best of all, no more eye staining!

doggie toy box

As for toys, Freddie’s favorites are little plush toys with squeakers inside, particularly his soft ball that rolls. Naturally, they have to be tiny for his little mouth and teeth to hold and is a great website for purchasing items especially for small breeds. Give him a rubber toy or large toy and he will sniff it and walk away. A plastic storage container works well to hold all his toys and he loves picking through the box for a toy.

dog stroller

Freddie is not very fond of driving in the car or taking long walks but he loves his stroller. It is made especially for small dogs. Plus, I get my exercise while strolling Freddie around the neighborhood. It also gives me a laugh or two when people who are not aware I’m pushing a dog in a stroller. Instead, they are expecting to see a grandchild. Are they surprised! Freddie loves the attention. The dog stoller was very easy to assemble and just like a baby’s stroller, it folds up and fits in the trunk of our car.

Freddie is one happy little pooch. Oh, did I mention, he’s a little spoiled?

3 Responses to “Freddie’s Favorite Things”

  1. Lanni says:

    Freddie is adorable! He looks like a cross between my 9 lb. Sugarplum, whom I lost to cancer at age 12 1/2, and my current baby, the 4 lb. Toye Starr, who is 19 months old. Maltese rule, absolutely!

    I must try the Innova dog food. Starr is eating the Beneful wet food right now. One tub provides four meals. We supplement with a good quality dry food, available for nibbling as she wishes. However, your comment about his improved coat got my attention. Sugarplum had a lush coat – but Starr, not so much. We’re working on that. As for the eye staining, I’ve pretty much eliminated that by giving her only bottled water, but a non-staining food will help as well. Thanks for the tip, and give your precious little guy an extra hug.

    Maltese moms and dads – unite!!

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Lanni,
    Congratulations on your new baby, Toye Starr. I love the name. Innova has wet and dry food. Since Toye is on wet Beneful right now, you might want to start mixing a little dry Innova with the wet Beneful as Starr gets use to the change. Give Starr a hug from me and Freddie. Maltese rule!!

  3. Mayra Lugones says:

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