Maltese Dog Care – Freddie’s Big Adventure

maltese dog breed

Are you getting ready to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, February 9th-10th at 9:00p on CNBC?  I eagerly wait for those shows as football fans wait for the Super Bowl.  There’s no tailgating here, but there’s munchies for Freddie and me. Freddie, my three year old Maltese loves Wysong’s Dream Treats (non-cooked freeze-dried chicken) and it’ll be popcorn for me.

I enjoy watching all the breeds compete for Best in Show and naturally I root for my favorites, Pugs and Maltese.  The behind the scenes of handlers and owners caring for their dogs always touches my heart.  Such love and such dedication go into the care and training of these dogs.  No different than you and me caring for our pets.  However, I wonder if owners, during the preparation at the show, recognize their dog when they are bunched together with the same breed.

Well, I know I failed that test!

When Freddie was one year old, George, my husband, and I decided to try a new groomer for Freddie.  The groomer was recommended to us by another Maltese owner.  The salon was further from the house than we would have liked, but what the heck, she came highly recommended.  Once we arrived at the salon and gave instructions on how we preferred them to trim Freddie’s coat, we left him in their care.

After a few hours we were notified by phone that Freddie was ready for pick up.

maltese dog breed

We quickly left the house as we were eager to see the new groomer’s work.  They put Freddie in my arms, George paid the bill (not cheap) and we left.  As usual Freddie sat cuddled in my lap and very content to be going home.  While holding him I thought to myself he felt a little heavier and his coat seemed thicker.  When I told that to George, he looked over at Freddie, and said he looked good to him.  So we headed home.

Once we got into the house, our dog scurried through the house and sniffed around as if he had never been there before.  And to top it off, he tinkled on the carpet.  Oh my goodness, this definitely was not Freddie!  I panicked because the salon was due to close soon and what if they gave Freddie to the wrong owner. Would we ever get him back?  George calmly called the groomer and said we were on our way back with the wrong dog. They doubled checked their kennels and realized they gave us Maggie, not Freddie.  Great, I had a female. I didn’t even think to look down there!

maltese dog breed

Another long drive back to the salon (we got in a traffic jam to beat) there was Freddie waiting with his soulful eyes that said, “What took you so long?” After lots of hugs and kisses for forgiveness and a fond good-bye to Maggie and a few choice words to the staff from George, we finally had the right dog. Maggie was a lovable and adorable Maltese and she behaved like a champion throughout the ordeal (accept for the tinkle).

Hope you enjoy the Dog Show and give your pooch a lot of love and make sure you have I.D. tags or a computer chip on your dog. By the way, if you like Dog shows, I highly recommend renting the DVD “Best in Show”, directed by Christopher Guest, it’s also shown on cable from time to time.   It’s hilarious!

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  1. Laura says:

    Freddie was such a delight when I saw him on this trip, Mary! He’s grown into a fine dog and I know you are proud of him.

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks Laura for your lovely praise of Freddie. He really is special and I am so happy when everyone else loves him.

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