Best Diet Plan – What Works For Me

With summer comes wearing less clothing such as, shorts, sleeveless dresses and yes, a bathing suit. I have been in this predicament more times than I would like to recall. Out come the diet books, out come the magazines that offer the quick fix to dieting and losing ten pounds in a week, and again a gym membership, that I hope to use this time.

I strongly believe in exercise not only for weight loss, but especially for good health benefits. If you are reading this post for weight loss, then I know you are aware of all the benefits of exercise and dieting. So I am not going to take up your time embellishing on those factors. I do want to tell you about a program I have found that has helped me: Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a very sound program and the medical profession has given it high approval ratings as a safe and sound diet program whether you plan to lose a few pounds or many more.  For those who cannot attend meetings in person, Weight Watchers offers their program online and you can receive all the help and knowledge you need by just joining online.

I joined a few years ago and received all the literature and information I needed to start the program. All the benefits of receiving on-line support, recipes, menu planning, shopping lists, and calculating points, etc, are found with just a click on my computer. Even after a few years, I can always go back to my notes, their recipes, and get back on the program.

I also purchased many of their cookbooks and have found the recipes delicious, easy and great for any occasion. There are a numerous variety of Weight Watcher cookbooks at My favorite is Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook. All the recipes in this cookbook will give you the necessary Point count if you are following the point plan as well as how to use the recipes with the Core or Flex plan. Even when not dieting, I have used many recipes from this book for my family and for entertaining. The Weight Watchers recipes are so easy to follow plus they use ingredients we all are familiar with and can find in all grocery stores.

When I don’t have time to prepare a meal or I am just cooking for myself, I will use frozen dinners. I never thought I would enjoy frozen meals, since I grew up during the introduction of “TV dinners”. However, we have come a long way from the “TV dinners” of the 50’s. They really are good, have built-in portion control, and work perfectly with counting points. My favorites frozen meals are Smart Ones, and Stouffer Lean Cuisine. The points are already listed on the package, so all you need to do is keep a daily total count of your allotted points.  I found the Italian meals extremely tasty and close to my recipes. The ingredients are fresh tasting, not overly salty, plus filling, especially when you add a salad tossed with a light salad or non fat dressing.

So here’s to summer! I have confidence I will lose my winter weight thanks to Weight Watchers. It’s an excellent program for anyone who needs to lose weight. Just stick with it. It works!

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