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Jacquie Lawson e-cards

Again I will be showing my age when I mention that I am from a generation of handwriting devotees who wrote and sent their own notes, letters, and thank you cards for every occasion. These notes and cards were written with a great deal of thought and sentiment and meant so much joy to those who received them. In fact, we were taught letter writing in school and how to compose and express our thanks, sentiment, and sympathy.

Mothers would teach their children at an early age about sending a card to a relative or friend for special occasions or for a thank you. I remember when my children were young and hadn’t learned to write yet, I would send cards from them and they would sign their “signature”. At an early age it was usually a scribble, and then they would advance to a picture, and eventually to printing their first name. This was the start of sending cards to others and as they grew older they would continue the exchange of sentiments.

Today this method of card sending has become quicker and more convenient for us. Now we have the Internet and can e-mail cards all around the world. It is so exciting to be able to have access to sending and receiving notes, letters, and cards from all of our friends, family and acquaintances for any occasion at any time of the day.

A few years ago I received an animated e-card for my birthday and was so impressed with the artistry, music, and visual effects of this card that I immediately connected to the originator of the card and read her website and signed up for a membership. Jacquie Lawson is an English artist living in Southern England and started her e-card business in 2002. She is an extremely talented artist who has hired a team of artists to create beautiful animated cards with special music composed for each card or occasion. There are no advertisements or pop-ups when you view one of Jacquie’s cards. The colors are vivid and the music is captivating.

The annual membership fee is very modest; in fact, there is a discount for joining for two years. This membership allows you to send as many cards as you desire. You will even have a permanent record of the cards you send and when they were viewed by just a link on the jacquielawson home page. Also, you can request the date you want the card to be sent and you will receive an email when the card was sent and another notice when it was viewed.

Receiving a card and sending a card means so much to the receiver and giver that I highly recommend you check out Jacquie’s site. You will definitely put a smile on someone’s face and impress whoever receives one of her cards.

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