Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Have you checked lately how many kitchen gadgets you possess and how many you really use? Hello!

I never gave this much thought until I viewed Christopher Lowell’s latest Ask Christopher innovation on Too Many Gadgets. I have kitchen drawers filled with many gadgets that I probably can open a kitchen gadget store. Thanks to Mr. Lowell, I plan to become a more efficient cook in my kitchen.

Christopher Lowell, an interior designer and celebrity, who has received Emmy awards and accolades for his television shows now shares his decorating and home improvement ideas online. Through the new technology of mobile social media we can now view six- minute videos of unique ideas on lifestyle topics only the way Christopher can do it. He blends comedy with his creative advice in an informative and fun format.

In the video Too Many Gadgets, he shows us how we have overstocked our kitchen with useless items which do nothing but take up space. I was so impressed by his demonstration of the microplane zester, something I have, and never quite grasp the proper usage. I have been zesting lemons and grating garlic to test CL’s method. It works great!

Christopher will post a new video weekly. Aside from the Too Many Gadgets video he has posted five other very informative demonstrations on home design. You can even sign up as a member and submit a question to Christopher. His website  offers many options to learn about design and décor plus an insight into his personal thoughts on life.

Right now, I am going to rearrange my kitchen drawers and give my gadgets a new grade.

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