Alternative Pain Management

For thirty years I have researched and read as much as I could about nutrition, supplements and integrative (preventive) medicine. I believe we need to know our body, not just how it looks, but how it works and when it is working correctly and when it’s off kilter. There is so much information out there on the Internet and in books that can be used to help you to take care of your health and to teach you how to talk to your doctor, learn about the tests that are used in today’s medical field and the alternative approach to good health. The website that is most used and I found very helpful is

I have always tried to use natural means for healing myself.

For example, I found that using an acupuncturist to treat my aches and pain has been very beneficial. In fact, several years ago I developed a herniated disc in the 4th and 5th vertebrae. The pain was unbearable and naturally I went to the doctor, who sent me to have an MRI, from there I was sent to a surgeon and the findings were I needed to have back surgery (surprised?). The surgeon told me it was common surgery and I would be up and about in a few days, in fact, I would be square dancing in two weeks.

Well, being one who would always try to avoid surgery, I did my research and found acupuncture was very beneficial in relieving pain. I then researched finding an acupuncturist in my area plus I tried to get as many recommendations from others. I found Dr. Wang and he treated me for six weeks. I started out two visits a week and then once a week. I was out of pain, walking, exercising and I could have even square danced (which is not something I normally do). I have used acupuncture treatments ever since and always found relief. An acupuncturist also treated my digestive problems with excellent results. If you are interested in knowing more about acupuncture, click onto

A product I have also used for treatment of pain is Soothanol X2.

This is the only product I know that contains DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide) which is rapidly absorbed through the skin. Soothanol X2 is a blend of DMSO and 12 extracts used to treat pain. I couldn’t believe how quickly I received relief from shoulder and neck pain by applying just two drops of Soothanol X2 to the area. You will feel some heat after rubbing the oil into the area and in minutes will find relief. Next to my acupuncturist, I put trust in Soothanol X2 to free me of pain.

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