Secret to Crack-Free Cheesecake

Prevent Cheesecake CrackingAfter much debate and discussion, trial and error, as well as a few tears shed, I believe, with the suggestions received from very helpful readers, I have found the answer to baking a crack-free cheesecake. I’ve tried the hot water bath method with mixed results and quite frankly I don’t think it’s worth the extra effort. One of the suggestions sent to me worked quite well and I feel it is the answer to avoiding cracking during the cooling period in the oven:
  1. Once the cheesecake is fully cooked (toothpick inserted in center comes out clean), turn off the oven
  2. Slide the oven rack out so you can easily reach the cake
  3. With a spatula carefully slide around rim of pan to loosen the cake from rim
  4. Slide the rack back in oven, close the oven door, and let the cake cool for one hour before removing
By releasing the edges of the cake from the inside of the springform pan, the cake is then free to contract and is much less likely to crack in the process.

4 Responses to “Secret to Crack-Free Cheesecake”

  1. Gloria Barbiero says:

    Do you have a cookbook?

    • Mary says:

      Hi Gloria:
      Sorry to say I don’t have a cookbook, yet. However, I am trying to put together some recipes and will let you know when I have it ready for distributing. Thanks for asking.

  2. Kelly Anne says:

    Crack free – the best way is a slow oven. I lower the temp by 25 degrees and watch it carefully after 30 minutes. Once the filling has set — means you can give it a gentle shake and it will hold its shape – i pull it from the oven and allow it to cool on the counter. I have cheesecake connoisseurs in my home. And the only thing they complain about is who got the last slice 🙂 I know a lady who bakes for the Cheesecake Factory and she says too much time in the oven is the cause of cracks.

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