Seniors and New Technology

seniors and technology

It’s difficult for us seniors to keep up with the new technology out there for communicating with others.  But once we get the hang of it we go at with full force.

Take for example, The Computer.

Most seniors are skeptical of purchasing a computer and getting started.  Usually a son or daughter encourages their parent to get a computer so they can communicate by email to their grandchildren who always want to hear from Grandma and Grandpa.  So good ol’ Grannie and Poppy take adult education courses to learn the ways to use a computer.

To their children’s surprise, they not only become very efficient sending emails, but to search, to forward (boy are they good at that, you wouldn’t believe the jokes they send out) and not to mention they know how to order online those adorable outfits for Tommy and Sally.

One thing I don’t want to see seniors doing is “texting”.  The hand-eye coordination is as good as it was in their early years.  So Granny, please keep that cell phone in your pocket and don’t attempt to text while driving.

4 Responses to “Seniors and New Technology”

  1. Joe Avena says:

    Dear Mary,

    My dad is 71 and I believe he was born 50 years too early. Not only can he surf the web and email, he communicates with his grandchildren on a regular basis with Skype and a webcam, his granddaughter is in Italy and grandson in Boston. If he can’t reach them on the web he just texts them (and his eyesight is not all that good). Now to top things off it he does not stop there, he plays the WII 3 hours per day, 1 hr of tennis, 1 hr of golf and 1 hr of FIFA soccer. Its fun to watch to the old guy really enjoy himself. So if your parents or grandparents take to the technology, let them go for it and help them have fun it will keep them young.

  2. JO Shaw says:

    That’s our Mary.I’m happy she has decided to share her heritage and cooking recipes that have a grand Italian flavor.Give her recipes a try. i know you won’t be disappointed

  3. JO Shaw says:

    You see! I’m one of those seniors. My comment was for Mary’s great cooking recipes.My intention was to have it appear with her recipes.

  4. Mary says:

    Congratulations seniors on keeping up with the latest technology, However, for safety reasons please stay seated when texting.

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