Gas vs Electric Stoves

gas-rangeFor most of my long years cooking for family and friends, I have used electric cooktops and electric ovens. I could not wait for the day when I would have a gas range. My dream finally was realized when we moved to our Florida home. My eyes could not believe the size and beauty of this popular brand gas stove in my kitchen. It was brand new and I would be the first to try it out. It’s been five years now that I have been cooking with gas and I have to admit I would go back to electric in a heart-beat. That statement probably has ruffled a lot of feathers of diehard gas oven cooks and chefs!

July 4th – A Golden Anniversary & National Holiday for Me

weddingIt’s the 4th of July! What a fabulous national holiday! Our flags are flying proudly, parades are being held in towns all over the U.S.A., the barbecue grills are being fired up, and children are waiting eagerly for nightfall to view the most fantastic fireworks imaginable. However, this July 4th. 2010, George and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.

Gosh, 50 years. It seems such a short time ago when we were young, naïve, and just out of college. I would be leaving my parents home for the first time to start a life with the man of my dreams and would be continuing my teaching career. George was completing his doctorate degree in chemistry and would be starting an exciting job with Exxon.