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Sauerkraut – A Versatile Side Dish

sauerkraut side dishWould you believe that sauerkraut may be considered the next Chicken Soup for its health benefits? It is packed with vitamins and minerals and because of the phytochemicals that are created during fermentation, it can help boost the immune system. A healthy immune system helps us fight off the common cold, skin problems and even weight gain.

Boy, am I happy to hear that, as I love sauerkraut, even eating it right out of the can or jar!

Onion and Tomato Sauce Condiment Recipe

hotdog-onionsI always think of my daughter, Allison, when I prepare this topping. She loves it on her “all time favorite dish in the world, “Meatloaf”. I will post my recipe for Allison’s favorite meatloaf soon. This condiment makes an excellent topping on baked meatloaf, hamburgers and frankfurters. Serve warm. It replaces the usual ketchup and mustard toppings.

It is very easy to prepare and once refrigerated will last for several days. Reheat in the microwave till warm. This recipe can be easily increased for larger servings. I have even stored it in jars and given it as gifts with a note card attached with instructions to keep refrigerated and heat in the microwave when ready to serve.