Nintendo Wii – A Senior’s Perspective

Even though I won’t admit to my age, since we all know age is irrelevant, right? I will, however, say I am a senior citizen who is always eager to embrace the latest in technology and my introduction to the Nintendo Wii was very impressive. I found it fun and even beneficial for all ages.

I received the Nintendo Wii for my birthday and within a few minutes for setting up the equipment; I was bowling, golfing, playing baseball, tennis and also boxing. My husband, George, quickly became interested and before long we were competing in all the activities that came with my first Wii game; Wii Sports. In no time at all, I was addicted and George is right behind.

Exercise was never my cup of tea, however, I know the importance of exercising and I found that the Nintendo Wii got me off the couch, out of the kitchen, and moving. Each activity can be done alone or along with others for as long as you want. Just a television and a small (3+ ft.) uncluttered area in front, plus the Nintendo equipment is all that is needed. The Wii Sports gives you the sensation and movements of swinging, hitting, and throwing like a natural pro. After playing the Wii Sports, I put the Wii Fit Plus on my Christmas list and was so happy to see it under our Christmas tree.

The technology, animation, and realistic sounds make this a fun way for exercising, improving balance, and toning muscles with Yoga, Strength Training, Balance Games, and Aerobic activities. You can target the exercises to your own personal fitness goals and capabilities. At the very start of the program you take a body test, just by standing on the balance board, which is part of the Wii Plus equipment, and get measurements of your BMI (body mass index), your center of balance, and fitness level which will determine your Wii Fit Age.

There are many games and accessories that can be purchased for the Nintendo Wii that the whole family can enjoy. In fact, this past November, Nintendo Wii added a new game, Food Network Cook or Be Cooked, which includes recipes, techniques and tips from the Food Network Kitchens.  At the present time, I am fascinated with the exercising benefits of the Wii but I am sure I will be adding more games.  You can find all the helpful information and support you need at:

Exercising has never been so much fun and I can do it at my pace, time, and in my own home. Anyone ready for bowling?

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  1. Yahoo, Mary fin ally found an activity ‘sport’ she likes. Lets have an update in a month okay

  2. Mary says:

    I definitely will keep you posted on how well the exercises are coming along. It is so much fun to exercise with the Wii.

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