Kindle2 Review

kindle2 review

I just received my Kindle 2 and I LOVE it! I ordered it after seeing how much my husband, George, was enjoying his. He was reading all the time and raved to others about the convenience and ease of using it. I posted his review of the Kindle and can be found on my blog, posted January 29th, 2009.

Since his Kindle was in use most of the time, I felt I needed to have my own. I placed my order only to find there would be a two month wait since they had sold out of the original Kindle shortly after Christmas. Naturally, I was impatient to receive mine. However, now I am happy I had to wait because during the wait I received an e-mail from Amazon informing me the new 2nd generation, Kindle 2, would be coming out and I was on the list to receive the new model.

  • The Kindle 2 is a much thinner version thus lighter in weight. You can clearing see the difference in the side by side photos I took above of the Kindle1 and Kindle2.
  • It offers more battery life. You can read for 4-5 days with the wireless turned on or up to two weeks with it turned off.
  • For recharging you plug in the USB cord to the Kindle 2 which is the only accessory needed to connect to your computer. Who needs more USB cords to store?
  • The on-off switch is more accessible than the original and the turning page buttons are smaller and less sensitive and have been redesigned to avoid accidentally turning a page which was a problem with the first Kindle.
  • The scrolling wheel has been changed to an easy to use controller knob to scroll through the menu.
  • The Kindle 2 has a greater memory; therefore, you can expand your library storage over the previous version.
  • Kindle 2 also has a new book cover (not included) which holds the Kindle more securely. The original price of $359.00 is the same for the updated model but you have to buy the cover separately which makes it $30 more expensive. However, the new leather cover is worth the added price.

As before, there is no monthly fee for the wireless service which allows you to download books or periodicals without using a computer. I recommend you watch the video of the features of the Kindle 2 on Amazon’s Kindle page.

With a press of the control knob you can turn on “Start Text-to-Speech” feature which enables you to go from reading to audio and have the book read to you with a conveniently placed volume control knob. Just think you can have a book read to you while you’re driving, or you can even place the Kindle 2 on your nightstand to listen to while falling asleep. What a great feature!

And best of all features, for me, was I was able to download a book from George’s Kindle to my Kindle 2 without any additional charge since both Kindles were purchased on the same account. Now George and I can share books again as we did in the past. But this time we are purchasing our books at a reduced Kindle price. Can’t beat that!

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