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Finicky Dog Advice

finicky dog adviceFreddie, my three and a half year old Maltese, is a very finicky eater and has been since he was a pup.  I have tried every enticement to get him to eat his dog food. I would cook chicken, beef, turkey, eggs, anything to add to his dog food to get him to eat and finish his food. He likes the Innova dog food I feed him, however, he would still look for morsels of homemade food. He never seemed to eat with enjoyment or complete the meal. plus if I added “people food” to his dish, he would selectively pick it out before he took a few bites of his dog food.

Freddie The Flat Leaver

freddie the flat leaverI wonder if any of my readers are familiar with the expression “Flat Leaver“. It was an expression that was commonly used during my youth and teenage years. The only other person I know, who remembers this expression is my husband, George.

I have used “flat leaver” in the presence of many of my family and young friends in regard to Freddie, our three year old Maltese, only to have to give an explanation of what those words mean. Even my nephew, Richard, was interested in finding the meaning and sent me a link from on the true meaning of “flat leaver”.

Freddie’s Favorite Things

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To all those pet lovers out there, are you being taught by your pet what their favorite food, toys, activities are that will make them happy?  Freddie, our adorable 3 year old Maltese, has taught us what he will eat and what toy and activity makes him happy.

Freddie is a finicky eater and I went nuts trying to figure out what Freddie would eat.

Before Freddie, I had two adorable pugs, Winston and Willie. They loved to eat, in fact, eating was their favorite pastime! Therefore, I thought I could feed Freddie the same way. I always started with dog food, but I would add a little cooked chicken, or slices of roast beef, or even a small moist meatball made especially for Freddie.

Maltese Dog Care – Freddie’s Big Adventure

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Are you getting ready to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, February 9th-10th at 9:00p on CNBC?  I eagerly wait for those shows as football fans wait for the Super Bowl.  There’s no tailgating here, but there’s munchies for Freddie and me. Freddie, my three year old Maltese loves Wysong’s Dream Treats (non-cooked freeze-dried chicken) and it’ll be popcorn for me.