20 Minute Strength Training – Now I’m More Than Half the Man I Used to Be

20 min strength training

Did you know that after a man reaches the age of 35, he loses 1% of his muscle mass every year for the rest of his life? I don’t like to talk about my age, but that means I have lost almost 40% of muscle (you do the calculation) and in a few years I’d be less than half the man I used to be.

That is, until I met Kevin and Karen Dubree, two young and charming entrepreneurs from Chicago who are co-owners of HIT Fitness in Naples, Florida . They practice a revolutionary new training technique called slow-motion high intensity training. Their clients range from 10-85 years of age.

The workout involves 20 minute strength training sessions in which different muscle groups are stressed to exhaustion on unique exercise equipment. The equipment tension is set until exhaustion is achieved within two minutes on each machine. A trainer is with you throughout the session, tracks your progress, adjusts the tension, and assures that you use the proper form so as to avoid injury or muscle strain. There are about 15 different machines and 6-7 are used in each session in order to work different muscle groups. All you do is show up and workout for just 20 minutes.

This is not your typical gym workout, in fact, you can arrive in your business attire, hardly work up a sweat or raise your heart rate. You can even do it during your lunch break and get back to work without the conventional shower and locker room routine. Usually you only need about 2-3 sessions per week since the training philosophy is that the muscle recovery period is as important as the exercise. This is the time after the workout when new muscle fiber grows and hardens.

You can also help your progress and your strength capability by at least 5-10% by mixing a rounded tablespoon (5 grams) of Creatine, an inexpensive essential amino acid, with your daily non-citrus juice or Gatorade in the morning or at least one hour prior to your workout. You can purchase Creatine from Bodybuilding.com or most health food stores.

You will find that this regimen will increase your energy, improve your health and mental attitude, increase your metabolism, better control your weight and blood pressure, and enhance balance and physical strength. You can get more details about this method which is rapidly growing in popularity by checking out www.seriousstrength.com.

The objective here is not to make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you certainly will quickly notice the difference in muscle tone and mass no matter what your age. Those of you in the Naples area might give Kevin or Karen a call at 239-659-4487 and get more information about this new technique that is gaining a growing number of fans all over the country.

I have been doing this for three years and as a result I have become much more than half the man I used to be. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mary.

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